About us

Our company, sea agency of «Lora&Co» works at a labor market of Russia and Ukraine since 2000. According to the state license the company is engaged in rendering intermediary services in employment abroad, selection of qualified personnel for the fishing fleet, assists seamen in receiving and renewal of sea documents, makes out visas in embassies of the foreign states for the seamen leaving for work, is engaged in registration of air tickets, renders transport services.

The head office of the company is in Kerch city, the Republic of Crimea, the second office (for expeditious maintenance at the solution of questions of vising in embassies of the foreign states) is in Kiev.

We have a wide experience in staff recruitment for work in the foreign companies on vessels of fishing fleet. For many years we are successfully cooperating with the a lot-of companies.

There are about 7000 questionnaires of ordinary and command crew personnel from different regions of Ukraine and Russia in a company database, and also workers of coastal specialties (welders, shipwrights, motormen, etc.), required for ship repair works in stationary factory or directly in areas of fishery.

We have opportunity to control quickly timely updating of documents and professional development by workers of crew personnel in educational institutions and the training centers of Ukraine and Russia.